E3 Day Two, Pt. 2: Sony Momentum Goes No Where

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All due respect to Sony I had a feeling a lackluster conference was upon us. The conference seemed to be PSP dominated with major new titles annouced for the PSP. The thing that dissapointed me was Sony having to go to a highlight reel opposed to actually talking about the games coming out. Like LittleBigPlanet for the PSP wasn’t explained at all, it was just shown I wanted to see footage for it. The conference started out decent, with them talking about certain games seeing Uncharted 2 was pretty sweet as well as Assasin’s Creed 2. The sweet part was seeing MAG with tons of people playing on it. The one thing I loved about Sony’s conference was the humor factor was a little up for there conference.

Sony also annouced awhole bunch of huge games for the PSP as I mentioned earlier. The PSP will be getting a new Metal Gear game, and a new Grand Turismo game both of which look great. As well as a brand new Resident Evil game made especially for the PSP. Sony did something stupid or at least I thought it was, when they annouced and showed footage for FFXIV. When they are still working on XIII it was a very, very stupid move on the behalf of Sony they wasted an annoucement that would of won them E3 next year. But no.. they had to annouce it a year early at least it’s a PS3 exclusive. Sony also annouced a new bunch of content for the PSN Video Store, but still it is unavailable in Canada. Seriously, what the fuck Sony?

You’d like to think Sony had a lot to there conference but the PSP Go! was very dissapointing well probably the most dissapointing part was them annoucing the price. $250? Really Sony? Who is going to buy that when they can buy a PSP 3000 for almost $100 cheaper it’s so dump. As well as them annoucing something based off of the LittleBigPlanet concept that was a racer. Although it did look interesting it won’t have the same appeal to adults as LittleBigPlanet did. Sony finished off their conference with God Of War 3 footage and it was annouced for March 2010, the footage was cut short which didn’t help either. The only other notable thing from the conference was a motion controller, Sony is way too late for the motion controllers in my opinion.

Nintendo capped off the day with Miyamoto saying in a round table conference in the afternoon. That he would like to release a new Zelda game NEXT YEAR. He also apologized for no moves on the Pikmin front, but with the Zelda annoucement giving us hope for next year. Nintendo sealed the deal and in my opinion won E3, with Microsoft in a very close second. Sony following up with a dissapointing E3 only really showing new PSP games and a hidden exclusive IP from Rockstar (Agent) People may disagree with me but I think Nintendo won, and they deserve it for the annoucements they gave. What an improvement from last year for Microsoft, and Nintendo. But Sony, jeez.


E3 Day Two, Pt. 1: The Nintendo Conference

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The thing is anything good from Nintendo would be an improvement from last year’s horrible conference. It didn’t start off good with Cammie coming out, although the annoucement of Super Mario Bros. for the Wii looked fantastic. I swear I have seen the idea for co-op Mario Bros. on the internet or something before. I just didn’t see Nintendo doing anything like that for this franchise. The conference was filled with Mario games as DK vs. Mario, Luigi and Mario RPG, were annouced. The conference was really bleh until it got to the handheld games. As they launched a couple of bombshells (as I like to call them) The only other significant Wii annoucement in the beginning was Wii Fit Plus.

Reggie announced to the world that Golden Sun would be coming to the DS, and a brand new installment in the Final Fantasy series would be hitting on the Wii under the name of “Crystal Bearers” Those were the only significant handheld annoucement with another smaller one being a new IP from Ubisoft about an undercover cop. Although Nintendo managed to leave a lot of the big things until the end that didn’t stop them from coming with a new gimick by the end of the conference. Nintendo president Iwata, annouced a pulse sensing peripheral for the Wii calling it a new way to relax people. Question to Iwata: Is he going to get people high on this?

The bombshells were dropped by the end of the conference as two huge games were annouced. The first was Super Mario Galaxy 2 a trailer was shown and we officially have a Yoshi sighting in there. The game looked very good, and I will probably make it a day one purchase because it just looks so delicious. The bombshell was at the end as Reggie said that they were working with someone into the “Mature gaming scene” Of course it ended up being Team Ninja (Dead Or Alive/Ninja Gaiden) But what was even more surprising is what it turned out to be Metroid: The Other M which looks fantastic¬† and the though of it is just amazing. The conference was pretty bad but because of the games annouced at the beginning and end saved the conference.

E3 Day One: Microsoft Takes The Strong Lead

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If Metal Gear Solid Rising wasn’t a big enough announcement for Microsoft then you need to GTFO. During the conference today Metal Gear Solid Rising was announced for the 360, and it is rumored (just rumored) to be also hitting up the PS3, and the PC. Also another big annoucement with sequels to two of Microsofts more successful new IP’s (intellectual property) Crackdown 2, and Left For Dead 2 will be coming out for the 360, and PC which makes me really want a Xbox 360 right now. Another sequel is coming to the Xbox with Forza coming out to continue the popular racing series. Microsoft didn’t stop there though they made two one announcement that could shake the way we develop games.

Microsoft annouced a motion project called “Project Natal” It’s basically the concept that you are the controlled so say your playing a fighting game you would be the one punching. No controlled needed it’s sort of like a Minority Report kind of operating system concept. You use everything with your hands, you can catch a video of it below. It’s sort of like playing the Wii without a controller and microphone support is added an interesting concept none the less. Other news from E3 has a brand new sequel to Crysis which will also be on 360, PS3, and the PC sad thing is it will probably be dubbed down for the 360, PS3 since the graphics were so amazing for the first one.

A huge game that I wrote off at first sight was this game from Lionhead Studios (Best known for Fable series) It’s a game called Milo well not really a game it’s more like a revoloution in responsiveness for gaming. Milo is basically a character and you talk to him and it detects emotions through changes in your voice and things like that. It will probably be using the Project Natal controller to use motions better. It looks mind blowing as long as the AI holds up then it should be an excellent concept. Xbox annouced a whole lot of compatibilities for 360 with Facebook, Last.FM, and Twitter all being able to be used from the dashboard. As well as a new Halo game is on the way.

Another huge thing Microsoft annouced is Games On Demand it’s basically blowing Playstation Network’s ability to buy games out of the water. As far as I know every 360 title will be available for download right to your console, and you can use a credit card instead of those awkward Microsoft points. Other then that the day was quiet except for EA annoucing a cops and robbers like game, and adding EA MMA which I am psyched for to there sports line-up. To put it straight Microsoft made a splash on the first day of E3, Nintendo will need to pull something big out of there bag or they will have the worst conference. Sony is supposed to have a good one tomorrow as well.

Just like today there will be a blog summing up E3 for tomorrow as well, please enjoy videos for Milo and Project Natal controller below.